Library Committee Handbook

LibORS Advisory Committee

Library Occasional Reports Series Advisory Group


To provide advice and guidance on policies and procedures for the Library Occasional Reports Series project, which is funded by the University Library Innovation Fund.


African Studies Bibliographer, Atoma Batoma (01/15 - 07/15)
Associate University Librarian for Research, Beth Sandore Namachchivaya (01/15 - )
Business and Finance Information Librarian, Carissa Phillips (08/15 - )
Coordinator for Information Literacy Services and Instruction, Lisa Hinchliffe (01/15 - ) *Chair
Graduate Hourly, Emily Hardesty (04/15 - )
Head of Scholarly Communications & Publishing, Aaron McCollough (08/15 - )
Interim Library & Information Science and Research Support Librarian, Dan Tracy (01/15 - )
Office of Information Literacy Services and Instruction Graduate Assistant, Sarah Crissinger (01/15 - 07/15)

What is the Library Occasional Reports Series?

The Library Occasional Report Series was established in Spring 2015. The creator of the series, Lisa Hinchliffe, received a University Library Innovation Fund to investigate how to most effectively establish the series and make it a sustainable project for the library.

The series currently publishes University Library committee and technical reports on a variety of subjects, including discovery, scholarly communication, reference service, instruction, and assessment. While many of the reports are retrospective reports that were published by past library committees, the Occasional Report Series is also seeking new reports that any library committee, department, or working group would like to share.

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