Online Exhibits

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From A to Z! An Exhibit About Alphabets, Letters, & Writing (Curator: Marten Stromberg) 8 July through 9 September, 2011.
PDF Catalog for: From A to Z! An Exhibit About Alphabets, Letters, & Writing.

Adventures in Poetry: The Modern Poetry Collection at the Rare Book & Manuscript Library (Curators: Chloe Ottenhoff, Adam Doskey, Rosemary Trippe, and Linda Bial)
In the library's Marshall Gallery: 2 July—31 July 2012
In the Rare Book & Manuscript Library: 20 July—7 September 2012.

From Alchemy to Chemistry: Five Hundred Years of Rare and Interesting Books. (Curators: Tina Chrzastowski, Vera Mainz, and Gregory Girolami) April 2000.


Casino Royale and Beyond: 60 Years of Ian Fleming's Literary Bond (Curator: Michael L. VanBlaricum) 12 April through 12 July 2013

Chez La Veuve: Women Printers in Great Britain, 1475-1700. A student exhibition. (Curator: Lynn Fors) August—November 1998.

Crystallography—Defining the Shape of Our Modern World. (Curators: Greg Girolami and Vera Mainz) 30 April through 13 July, 2012.


Dante at Illinois: an Exhibition. (Curator: Christopher D. Cook) September—December 2006.


Fire Burne & Cauldron Bubble: Witchcraft at the Dawn of Modernity. (Curator: David Anthony Morris) 30 May—8 August 2014.

Florentine Printing of the Fifteenth Century: A student exhibition. (Curator: Christopher D. Cook) May—June 2003.


Life on the Moon: Literary and Scientific Reflections. (Curators: Marten Stromberg and Patrick Fadely) 30 August 2013—13 December 2013. Click here for a .pdf of the "Life on the Moon Exhibition" catalog.


Number Theory for the Millenium. (Curator: Bruce Reznick) May—August 2000.


Miracle within a Miracle: Johannes Reuchlin and the Jewish Book Controversy: An Exhibition Commemorating the 500th Anniversary of Reuchlin's Defense of Jewish Writings. (Curators: Valerie Hotchkiss and David Price) 13 April—15 June 2011.

Release the Stars: Plato’s Timeaus in the Renaissance. (Curators: Barbara Sattler, Bruce Swann, Angela Zelinski-Kinney) 14 September—9 November 2007.


Spring Surprises: Popular, Literary and Scientific Pop-Up Books. Selections from the School Collection of Children's and Young Adult Literature. April—May 1999.


Traveling: A Selection of Travel Literature, Maps, and Atlases. June—July 1999.


Victorian Entertainments: We Are Amused. (Curators: Walter L. Arnstein, Christina Bashford, Nicholas Temperly) 20 April 2007—20 July 2007. Please click here for a .pdf version of the exhibition's printed catalog.


The Wealth of Notions: Economists in Conflict. (Curator: Samuel Bostaph) 14 September—14 December 2012.

Wise Animals: Aesop and His Followers. (Curator: Willis Goth Regier) 20 January—20 April, 2012.