Past Exhibits

(Alphabetical By Title)


From A to Z! An Exhibit About Alphabets, Letters, & Writing (Curator: Marten Stromberg) 8 July through 9 September, 2011.
PDF Catalog for: From A to Z! An Exhibit About Alphabets, Letters, & Writing.

Adventures in Poetry: The Modern Poetry Collection at the Rare Book & Manuscript Library (Curators: Chloe Ottenhoff, Adam Doskey, Rosemary Trippe, and Linda Bial)
In the library's Marshall Gallery: 2 July—31 July 2012
In the Rare Book & Manuscript Library: 20 July—7 September 2012.

From Alchemy to Chemistry: Five Hundred Years of Rare and Interesting Books. (Curators: Tina Chrzastowski, Vera Mainz, and Gregory Girolami) April 2000.

Audubon at Illinois: an exhibition of plates from The Rare Book & Manuscript Library's copy of Audubon's "Birds of America." (Curator: Jo Kibbee) 30 January—24 May 2009.


From Babylon to Baseball: Recent Additions to the Rare Book & Manuscript Library (Curators: Valerie Hotchkiss, Marten Stromberg, Anna Chen, Caroline Szylowicz, Tad Boehmer, Tony Hynes, Chloe Ottenhoff, Dennis Sears, and Sarah Lindenbaum) 24 January—16 May 2014.


Carl Sandburg and the Twentieth Century American Folk Revival. (Curator: Chatham Ewing) 21 January through 1 April 2011.

Casino Royale and Beyond: 60 Years of Ian Fleming's Literary Bond (Curator: Michael L. VanBlaricum) 12 April through 12 July 2013

Chez La Veuve: Women Printers in Great Britain, 1475-1700. A student exhibition. (Curator: Lynn Fors) August—November 1998.

Collating Cædmon: Editing Old English Texts and the Evolution of Anglo-Saxon in Print. (Curator: Patrick Olson) 6 March—30 April 2009.

Crystallography—Defining the Shape of Our Modern World. (Curators: Greg Girolami and Vera Mainz) 30 April through 13 July, 2012.

Curioser and Curiouser: the Games and Mindgames of Lewis Carroll. (Curators: Elizabeth Massa Hoiem, Kelsey Keyes, Lisa Krekelberg, Tara Lyons, and Terra Walton Joseph) 2 February—12 March, 2010.
Click here for a Shutterfly book documentation of the "Mad Hatter's Tea Party" event held in The Rare Book & Manuscript Library on March 5th, 2010.


Dante at Illinois: an Exhibition. (Curator: Christopher D. Cook) September—December 2006.


Early Birds: A Collection of Bird Books from Belon to Audubon. (Curator: Alvan Bregman) 30 January—2 March 2009.


Fire Burne & Cauldron Bubble: Witchcraft at the Dawn of Modernity. (Curator: David Anthony Morris) 30 May—8 August 2014.

First Global Conflict: Contemporary Views of the Great War, 1914-1919. (Curators: Tony Hynes, Dennis Sears, Caroline Szylowicz) 29 August—19 December 2014.

Florentine Printing of the Fifteenth Century: A student exhibition. (Curator: Christopher D. Cook) May—June 2003.


Geographies of Risk. (Curators: Mariselle Meléndez, Associate Professor of Colonial Latin American Literatures and Cultures, Eleonora Stoppino, Assistant Professor of Spanish, Italian and Portuguese, and Javier Irigoyen García, Assistant Professor of Spanish, Italian and Portuguese) 27 August—26 October, 2010.


Life on the Moon: Literary and Scientific Reflections. (Curators: Marten Stromberg and Patrick Fadely) 30 August 2013—13 December 2013. Click here for the "Life on the Moon Exhibition" website.

Love Thy Neighbor: An Exhibition Commemorating the Completion of the Episcopal Chapel of St. John the Divine. (Curator: Christopher D. Cook) 16 November 2007—12 January 2008.


In Manibus Litteratorum / In the Hands of the Learned: The Mellon Cataloging Project and Five Centuries of Book Ownership. (Curators: Adam V. Doskey and Rebecca J. Bott) 15 June—14 August 2009.

Marcel Proust: Writing Without End. (Curator: Caroline Szylowicz) 19 July—23 August 2013.

Mark Twain: Mysterious Stranger. (Curators: Chatham Ewing, Michael Greenlee, Jennifer Lieberman, and Kerstin Rudolph) 16 April— 29 June 2010.

Milton and the Book Arts: An Exhibition of Rare and Fine Editions. (Curator: Alvan Bregman) 6 November—19 December 2008.

Multiple Merwins: Poet, Translator, Environmental Activist. (Curators: Christopher D. Cook, Chatham Ewing, and Dennis J. Sears) 6 October—31 October 2008.


Names Swallowed by the Cold: Hidden Histories of Arctic Exploration. (Curator: Adam Doskey) 25 January—8 April 2013.

A Nation in Tears: 150 Years after Lincoln's Death. (Curators: John Hoffmann, Dennis Sears, and Michelle Yestrepsky) 12 February—4 May 2015.

Number Theory for the Millenium. (Curator: Bruce Reznick) May—August 2000.


One in a Million: An Exhibition of Eleven Landmark Acquisitions at The University of Illinois. (Curators: Alvan Bregman, Christopher D. Cook, Valerie Hotchkiss) 2 October — 29 January 2010.


Pirates of the Press: Case Studies in the Prehistory of Copyright. (Curators: Adam V. Doskey and Lori Humphrey Newcomb) 18 September — 18 December 2015.

Marcel Proust: Writing Without End. (Curator: Caroline Szylowicz) 19 July—23 August 2013.


"Miracle within a Miracle:" Johannes Reuchlin and the Jewish Book Controversy: An Exhibition Commemorating the 500th Anniversary of Reuchlin's Defense of Jewish Writings. (Curators: Valerie Hotchkiss and David Price) 13 April—15 June 2011. Please click here for a .pdf version of the exhibition's printed catalog.

Release the Stars: Plato’s "Timeaus" in the Renaissance. (Curators: Barbara Sattler, Bruce Swann, Angela Zelinski-Kinney) 14 September—9 November 2007.


Spring Surprises: Popular, Literary and Scientific Pop-Up Books. Selections from the School Collection of Children's and Young Adult Literature. April—May 1999.

O put me in thy books! 400 Years of Shakespeare in Fiction. (Curators: Valerie Hotchkiss, Tony Hynes, Shauna Barrett, Patrick Gray, Simon J. James, Bethany Spieth, Victoria Lane, Carmi Parker, Fred Robinson, and Brian Walsh) 3 February—25 April 2016.


Traveling: A Selection of Travel Literature, Maps, and Atlases. June—July 1999.


Victorian Entertainments: We Are Amused. (Curators: Walter L. Arnstein, Christina Bashford, Nicholas Temperly) 20 April 2007—20 July 2007. Please click here for a .pdf version of the exhibition's printed catalog.


The Wealth of Notions: Economists in Conflict. (Curator: Samuel Bostaph) 14 September—14 December 2012.

Wise Animals: Aesop and His Followers. (Curator: Willis Goth Regier) 20 January—20 April, 2012.