Quick and Clean Catalogers

Meet the People Involved

Linda LaPuma Bial

Senior Cataloger

Linda taught both the beginning and advanced cataloging courses at the UIUC GSLIS for fifteen years, having previously worked as a cataloger for both academic and public libraries. Now retired, her work on the cataloging project has brought her full circle, back to the RBML where she did a one-year practicum when she was a GSLIS student herself.

Chloe Ottenhoff

Visiting Principal Cataloger and Visiting Assistant Professor

Chloe graduated from GSLIS in May 2011 and has been cataloging rare books ever since. She particularly enjoys working on the Cavagna Collection and learning about everyday life in Italy during the Risorgimento. In addition to cataloging, Chloe also designs publications for library exhibitions and events. Look for her work hanging outside the main library building featuring the visages of Carl Sandburg, Gwendolyn Brooks, H.G. Wells, and Marcel Proust.

Sarah Lindenbaum

Project Cataloger

Sarah graduated from GSLIS in December 2013 and has been working at the Rare Book & Manuscript Library since August 2013. Her areas of interest include marginalia and other marks of ownership and provenance in books. She is currently working on a research project involving the continued reconstruction of the library of Frances Wolfreston (1607-1677), an early modern woman reader.

Sarah Hoover

Project Cataloger

Sarah graduated from GSLIS in May 2014 and has been working as a cataloger at the Rare Book & Manuscript Library since March 2015. Her background is in medieval art history, and her interests include illuminated medieval manuscripts and printed images of late medieval and early modern court culture. She is also interested in bookbindings and is enjoying the opportunity to encounter the many original binding styles frequently seen in the Cavagna Collection.

Daniel Abosso

Archivio Cavagna Processing Assistant and Project Cataloger

Ann Foster

Project Cataloger

Nate Evans

Cataloging Graduate Assistant

Nate is a graduate student in GSLIS, working towards the certificate in special collections. In addition to RBML, he catalogs sound recordings at the Music & Performing Arts Library. Nat enjoys reading, cooking, running, and playing piano in his free time.

Valerie Hotchkiss

Director, The Rare Book & Manuscript Library

The Principal Investigator for this grant/project and Head of The Rare Book & Manuscript Library who cracks the whip and finds the funding to keep our Quick & Clean Rare Book Cataloging Project going. She also enjoys looking over the catalogers' shoulders to admire the wonderful books they are describing.