Curriculum Resources

Curricula Designed Using RBML Materials

  • Sandburg Curriculum for Illinois Public Schools [Grades 7-12]
    This curriculum, designed by Christine Adrian and Amos Lee as part of a pilot project done in collaboration with the Illinois History Teacher's Collaborative (based in Urbana Illinois), encourages students to think critically about historical practice by looking at the historical writing and the intellectual contexts for Carl Sandburg's works on Abraham Lincoln.
  • Sandburg Curriculum for University Instruction [University Undergrad]
    Course outline for an undergraduate seminar on Sandburg.
  • Discovering Character with Sandburg: New Territory [University Undergrad]
    Annotated Transcription by Sada Hotovy and Dr. Kathryn Benzel. This project uses innovative digital discovery methods to uncover heretofore little understood allusions from early handwritten commonplace books by Carl Sandburg.

Curricula Related to RBML materials

  • Chicago Poems [Grades 9-12] A lesson plan that is part of the NEH website, "NEH EDSITEment." This unit of lessons on the Chicago Poems explores the work's historical, political and artistic contexts.
  • The Orson Welles Broadcast of The War of the Worlds by H.G. Wells [Grades 9-12]
    Audio Broadcasts and Podcasts: Oral Storytelling and Dramatization.
    Through this unit of lessons presented through the "NCTE ReadWriteThink" website, students explore storytelling, media, and the relationship between written texts (scripts) and performed text (radio drama).