Library Committee Handbook

UIUC Library Committee Planning Calendar

Elections and Appointments

September 2007

  1. Elections

    1. Faculty-wide elections

      1. Executive Committee -- May

      2. Promotion and Tenure -- December

      3. Bylaws -- by June 15

      4. NEVP -- by June 15

      5. Secretary of the faculty -- by June 15

      6. Grievance Committee -- by June 15

      7. Senate --February

    2. Division elections

      1. CDC representative -- by June 15 (not Technical Services Division; head of Acquisitions is a permanent representative to CDC)

      2. Faculty Review Committee -- November

      3. Divisional advisory committees -- by June 15

      4. Library Staff Steering Committee -- by June 15

  2. Appointment: all appointments to be made by June 30

    1. Collection Development: Non-Print Subcommittee (AUL for Collections)

    2. CDC Preservation Committee (AUL for Collections)

    3. ISCC Committees (ISSC)

    4. Collection Development Interns (AUL for Collections)

    5. Newspaper Advisory Committee (AUL for Collections)

    6. Friends (AUL for Collections)

    7. NEH (AUL for Collections)

  3. Appointment: all appointments to be made by July 31

    1. Affirmative Action Officer (Executive Committee)

    2. Division of Rehabilitation Education Services Advisory Council (Executive Committee)

    3. Equal Employment Opportunity Committee (Executive Committee)

    4. Exhibits Committee (Executive Committee)

    5. Graduate School of Library and Information Science Admissions Committee (Executive Committee)

    6. Colloquium Committee (Executive Committee)

    7. Research and Publications Committee (Executive Committee)

    8. Mortenson Center Advisory Committee (Executive Committee)

    9. Social Events Committee(Executive Committee)

    10. Diversity Committee (Executive Committee)

    11. Services Advisory Committee (Executive Committee)

    12. Staff Development and Training Committee (Executive Committee)

    13. User Education Committee (Executive Committee)

    14. Faculty Parlimentarian (Executive Committee)







Senate (NEVP)




Executive Committee (NEVP)




Bylaws (NEVP)

Grievance (NEVP)

LSSC Representatives (Divisions)


Secretary of the faculty (NEVP)

CDC representative (Divisions)

Divisional advisory committees (Divisions)




Faculty Review Committee (Divisions)




Promotion and Tenure Advisory Committee (NEVP)