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Library Executive Committee


A.  The Executive Committee is the principal advisory body to the University Librarian.  It advises the University Librarian on the formulation and execution of Library-wide policy, including but not limited to: 

  1. creation and appointment of library-wide committees, and plans for implementation of Committee recommendations;
  2. selection of priorities to be reflected in the Library's budget;
  3. proposal of library-wide program initiatives and policy changes;
  4. recruitment and selection of Library Faculty.

B.  The Executive Committee advises the University Librarian on the appointment, both temporary and permanent, of the Staff Directors.

C.  The Executive Committee, as stipulated in Article VI, part e of the Statutes, advises the Chancellor on an annual basis regarding the reappointment of the University Librarian.  On the occasion of the University Librarian's five-year evaluation, it also works with the Library Committee of the Campus Senate to prepare for the approval of the Library Faculty a plan for conducting this evaluation.

D.  One member is elected annually as vice-chair of the Executive Committee and the Library Faculty.  Duties include chairing sessions of the Executive Committee and faculty meetings in the absence of the University  Librarian, and serving as chair of the Executive Committee when the elected members meet to discuss the reappointment of the University Librarian or to plan or conduct the 5-year evaluation of the University Librarian. 

E.  One member is elected annually to serve as secretary of the Executive Committee.  Duties include providing agendas and minutes for Executive Committee sessions, and  aiding the chair and vice-chair as needed.


The Committee is comprised of eight elected members of the Faculty, with no more than two elected from any one division who serve a two-year term.  The University Librarian is an ex-officio member of the Executive Committee.  The University Librarian serves as its chairperson. 


John Wilkin, Chair

*Kirstin Dougan (08/15/2018)

Harriett Green, faculty agenda committee (08/15/2018)

Mary Laskowski, secretary (08/15/2017)

*MJ Han, search committee liaison (08/15/2018)

*Lori Mestre, (08/15/2017)

*Bill Mischo (08/15/2017)

Nancy O'Brien, vice-chair (08/15/2017)

Ellen Swain (08/15/2018)

*Second term

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