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CMS News rss

CMS Upgrade Completed
May 21, 2008
By J. Weible
Our OpenCms upgrade has been successfully completed

CMS News Articles now feed RSS
Feb 19, 2008
By John Weible
The CMS's News Articles now automatically produce RSS feeds.

New Image Plugin
Nov 8, 2007
By Alex Waite
The new plugin allows browsing of the CMS filesystem and use of image gallery folders.

News Articles module ready to use
Oct 26, 2007
By John Weible
The CMS has been customized to add support for news article documents with many display features.

Include Module ready to use
Oct 9, 2007
By John Weible
It is now possible to have the CMS automatically include content from one file inside any number of others. This is a tremendous boon to editing productivity and management of site consistency.

CMS Documentation

This online documentation is created in conjunction with the CMS training sessions and meant to provide:

Most commercial Content Management Systems are very expensive, so the U of I Library adopted an open source Content Management System called OpenCMS. This means that the Library IT has to invest a lot of time and effort to customize the system. Many potential functions of the CMS system will continue being explored and added as the Library IT further develops the system. Accordingly, this online documentation will be updated and changed on an ongoing basis.

In the mean time, comments and questions are very welcome, please direct them to one of the key contacts.

Following is an outline of how this online documentation is organized:



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